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As I take a step forward

Today was my last day @ work. Yes, I have moved on and this is another big career step forward for me. I am joining the big (and maybe dirty) AD world. I am going to be a working with clients on advertising and promotion using new media technologies like internet, e-mail and SMS. This is going to be lots of new learning for me! But of course the separation from this office was not so easy either. I spent a long time, put in a lots of sweat, some great work buddies and lots of learning comes out of there. What I am going to really miss about my old work place:

  • My Boss - he is a great person to work with. Lots of energy and an excellent teacher indeed. Not to forget the constant urge to eat!
  • Next Door Canteen - the lovely food it served us was something to relish.
  • The big spacious office - Nah, my new office not so big.
  • My cubicle - My own private work space.
  • My IBM Thinkpad - the perks go with the job.
  • My Mobile - An all paid company provided cell-phone. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But I look forward to some great time in my new work. Wish me luck!

me @ work
[Me at my Desk on the last day @ work]

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