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Party in Hell: Update 2

Just one word: The Party in Hell: ROCKED! Three Cheers! to Saurabh who organized a great evening for the entire office team. The planning was just like any other corporate event but with a lot of warmth and detailing gone into it. Starting from the party posters @ the office to the ambient posters - the music rocked the floors and liquor flowed easily.

Thanks to the high spirits, even the die-hard rockers didn't care what music was playing and just hit the dance floor to make the best of the moment and party as if there was no tomorrow. But I think somewhere they stopped knowing the big night was yet to come, this was only the start of the celebrations.

I think it was indeed a very nice idea to pass around the TYN board (see photo on left) and let the team sign their new year messages. This I suppose will soon be placed at our office for all to see. Way to go team fellows. And of course we look forward to see the final edited video footage from the house of the multimedia team.

By 2AM we were all on a great high and decided to return back to the office for another session of fun, since there were no trains to return home after the late night revellery. I was tired so I drove back home but I am sure the gang at office enjoyed their round two.

Here's wishing the entire team a great year ahead.

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Party in the hell

The posters went up a couple of days back. The theme was set and so was the menu. This morning we decided the bar menu and worked our assignments so that we can close the day soon. It's almost 6.30 and I am yet to wrap up a small client deliverable before we get to leave for the party. Hoping to make it one hell of a night, a pre- New Year party with the office gang. Till later.... leaving you with a preview of the invite. Enjoy!


Bombay Sky

A few weeks back when I walked out of the office for a cup of tea I looked up to see the sky and what I saw was kind of beautiful to see right here in the city. I didn't have my Canon, so had to make do with my Nokia phone camera. But I think it's come pretty good.

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A digital experience

Saturday evening when I walked in home I saw this strange looking bright yellow box sitting next to the TV. A first glance made me think of it as a toy box my mother may have picked up for our little neighbour. But the curiosity got the better of me and post-dinner I digged in to find out what it was, even a toy so be it.

This little fellow is supposed to be our access to a digital TV experience. It's the In2Cable provided "indigital" set-top box for a FREE trial period of one month. After the Sunday morning installation we got a demonstration of the features which include:

  • Digital TV reception (I am not sure how much but does kind of make the picture sharper)
  • A very interactive menu to surf across the almost 100 channels it has to offer. (and some Radio/FM channels)
  • A favorites section which lets you collect your most viewed channel in an easy to surf list
  • Synopsis of the current program playing on the channel
  • TV Channel Schedules

I don't know if we are going to keep this post the FREE trial period. The two remote controls make it very uncomfortable to control the channels from one and volume from the other - I wish that could be worked out.

This is supposed to be the box we are going to have to use after the conditional access system is implemented in India. Now this is a very common cable television system prevalent in Europe (I had been exposed to this in the year 2000 during my visit there and is also common in Middle East countries) I really do wonder what took them so much time to bring this technology to India. Although currently the card has not much value since all channels are available but later the card would be programmed as per your bouquet of channels chosen. Till then let's enjoy the digital experience.

Parsi Rangoli

There was a Navjot Ceremony in my building today and the family had done some beautiful rangoli at the entrance. The art had to be captured.


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After reading a lot about the all so famous social bookmarking service offered at del.icio.us I finally signed up and started plugging in my favourite web pages at my del.icio.us korner.

I just started, so there isn't much in there yet, but as I go along my surfing activity I am sure I will have a lot to share with you all. So you can either bookmark the link or better still pick up the RSS feed for the page.

And yes before I log off, a great tool for all the Firefox + del.icio.us users. This extension makes bookmarking a 1-2-3 step operation. So go get it.


Bloglines - Greasemonkey script

I have been using the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox, for quite a few months now. Saturday morning I was just digging around at the userscripts website when I discovered this nifty tool for bloglines. The extension gets loaded at the bottom left corner of the screen everytime I visit a RSS enabled website and let's me add the feed directly to my Bloglines roll.


Wild T-shirt

wild t-shirt

Can't wait to see how my girl-friend reacts to this message? I would love to wear this one.


Compaq Presario

Monday was a great start to the week. Work was getting into high gear with some new projects getting the green signal and things were rolling. All this while the technician spent some time setting up the new Compaq Presario V2000, my new laptop. It was up and running on the office network in about two hours, after which I spent time transferring the data from my old PC.

The piece is a really cool one. You could get some intensive reviews around the net, so I am going to skip that and just tell you the features which seem a mention.

Light-weight and a good screen resolution - not mentioning the Widescreen beauty.

The touch pad has these two orange lines (as you can see in the pic). If you press your finger against the vertical line in a up-down motion it will help you scroll the page. And if you do the same on the horizontal line, it scrolls side-ways. Very useful when you have these long documents to review.

Altec Lansing powered speakers. Now, I didn't know anything about them being so great or something. My boss enlightened us on the quality and let me tell you the speakers are indeed a blast for a laptop. Compared to the old IBM Thinkpad which I used earlier, this one sounds like a discotheque to me.

Memory card reader - great feature but unfortunately neither does my office have a card reader nor does my home pc have one. So it's going to be not much use to me, for now.


Whistling Woods

About a month back my company was appointed as the creative agency for Whistling Woods International - Institute for Film, Television & Media Arts. The work took some time to take off and we released the first ad for the institute last week.

Media: DNA, Mumbai (DNA Academy).


Yahoo! Matrimony does a 69

What does this look like to you? A matrimonial website ad banner. Look again, look again closely at the couple - Now what do you think they are upto?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

To me they look more like in a position to do some reat "hot" stuff in there. Martimonial, indeed.


Photo Pick: Radha+Krishna

radha krishna shot 2
Originally uploaded by kapsi.

I shot this last Sunday when we visited a close family friend at Taj. She does this preparation for Indian weddings. It was an elaborate setting which included this beautiful painting, flower decoration and arrangement.

Bloglines Problem: Please Help

Attached here is a screen-shot of how my blog posts appear in Bloglines. They are incomplete, don't have the necessary hyperlinks in the post. All that is missing. The photos with each post also don't appear.

I have other blogspot users added to my Bloglines, but their posts are complete with necessary photos in there. Could the problem be because I use the Feedburner feed? Will appreciate if someone can provide me with some inputs on how to solve this little issue here.

Update: jessiec from Feedburner has posted some information here based on which I tracked this thread at the Feedburner Forums. But my bloglines has not been updated yet. Problem solved.

Are you adult enough?

Today’s editions of Times of india features a very small article stating that the government had decided to ban the uplink of channels beaming adult material. I hate to sound like a naïve soul here, but honestly can someone please do a channel surf and dig out some nationally broadcasted channels which feature any adult material.

Some may argue that we have a plethora of those south Indian tv channels which show more of “thunder-thighs” than the skin which could classify as adult viewing material. Please.

Often, there are times when we friends discuss the availability of such adult material on local television – there is none so ever. You can skip the local cable operator’s channel, which is a very area specific feature. Like for example, where I live the cable guy shows nothing. But my cousins in the suburbs say Saturday nights are fun nights on their cable channel.

This whole thing actually sparked off another thought altogether – Is this country not matured enough to handle legal transmission of adult channels, access to which can be purchased by those willing to pay and are eligible for the same?