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As I take a step forward

Today was my last day @ work. Yes, I have moved on and this is another big career step forward for me. I am joining the big (and maybe dirty) AD world. I am going to be a working with clients on advertising and promotion using new media technologies like internet, e-mail and SMS. This is going to be lots of new learning for me! But of course the separation from this office was not so easy either. I spent a long time, put in a lots of sweat, some great work buddies and lots of learning comes out of there. What I am going to really miss about my old work place:

  • My Boss - he is a great person to work with. Lots of energy and an excellent teacher indeed. Not to forget the constant urge to eat!
  • Next Door Canteen - the lovely food it served us was something to relish.
  • The big spacious office - Nah, my new office not so big.
  • My cubicle - My own private work space.
  • My IBM Thinkpad - the perks go with the job.
  • My Mobile - An all paid company provided cell-phone. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But I look forward to some great time in my new work. Wish me luck!

me @ work
[Me at my Desk on the last day @ work]


Websites go for a massage

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And we thought computers could never get human!


The way to the heart..

mango dessert 1
Originally uploaded by kapsi.

...has to be through the stomach. Aren't mothers just great. She loves you, supports you, cooks for you and even churns out lip-smacking desserts for you. Tonight it was Mango Cheese-cake. It was yum and if it wasn't for the late dinner I feasted on I could have gone ahead with the "third" serving of the cream-loaded cake.

Mom this is for you: Love you loads!


A beautiful night it was...

Managed to capture this before I hit the bed for tonight. The world is so different when you see it through a viewfinder. Before I get any more philosophical...



What I am doing:

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What I would like to do:

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Sizzling Sunday night

Anybody who knows me knows what my weekends are made up of - Food, Sleep and more food. And of course food without the desserts is a total "no-no". Sunday night ends with a sizzling brownie served at Bombay Blue. Look what happened:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Drop me a line if you want to know how they serve the sizzling brownie around this part of the world!


What more could we eat?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt's probably the only board game I play with great interest and it's always fun. So whether it's family or friends - Pictionary goes along with me to every gathering. Saturday night was no different and this time I played with a lot of amateurs and it was exciting to see how they converted words into pictures - hilarious attempts and some great bingos!

paneer & mushroom
me with chocolate dessert
Of course Saturday night was not only about Pictionary - but some great Thai Food also. I think N did a fine job cooking the green curry and mushroom-paneer grill. The glass noodles reminded me of the noodles my granny cooks but of course without the Thai herbs. As if we didn't eat enough we were tempted with some chocolate dessert which was finished off in less than 10 mins since it hit the table. We could not resist it even though we knew we still had to feast on the mango pancakes!

P.S N just discovered some old school photographs of ours and it's going to be fun seeing ourselves after all these years. I am going to send them to the photoshop soon and share with you some old memories. Hang around if you care!


Desi beauty does magic

When I saw this on the front page of TOI a few days back I was stunned (I mean come on, you don't expect to start your day with kind of thing splashed across the daily). Mallaika was shedding more clothes internationally than what she had done for "Murder". And then I found what Miss Europe was doing in Cannes. You see how our desi beauty is matching up to the "Foreign Bodies".

Bollywood Actor, Malaika Sherawat

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Miss Europe, Shermine Shahrivar of Germany

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Great New Positions

ankitbday 016
I've been around and not gone anywhere. Last couple of days have been busy and I am trying hard to make that big "switch" happen soon. Some interesting things have popped up and kept me busy. In the between of all this it was a great night to attend dear friend Ankit's Birthday celebrations at his new beautifully done-up apartment. Rad had a soar throat so she sounded just like Bipasha Basu from the movie "Jism" - I am sure Ankit enjoyed hearing her talk like this. It was good fun since we all met once again after a long while: Arun and wife included. Of course Pankaj is away holidaying in Europe (Lucky son-of-a-gun). All in all - we had some good laughs and I think Rad's gift to Ankit rocked - A big bean bag. Ash had a great point which I wonder how I missed out seeing - GREAT NEW POSITIONS for those boring nights. Now only if Ankit dear would share his experiences.

It's my day off today - I am busy working on some personal projects and just rushing out for a meeting. Meanwhile enjoy more photos on Flickr.


Haloscan commenting and trackback

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Friends were complaining that non-blogger users could not comment and that's why they didn't comment much. So I decided to go and get Haloscan which let's you leave comments without any registration. I hope this makes you all leave more comments around here.


I found this from another blog I read regularly. I think it's very interesting and you must take a look at it.



Seduction Style: The Charmer

Finally there is proof that I am indeed what the ladies fear: The Charmer. Come on, don't tell me you don't believe this crap. See it for yourself. Or better still, try it yourself.

Your Seduction Style: The Charmer

You're a master at intimate conversation and verbal enticement. You seduce with words, by getting people to open up to you. By establishing this deep connection quickly, people feel under your power. And then you've got them exactly where you want them!

Chocolate Waffles & Butterscotch

A very quick one before I hit the bed. It's past 2AM and I have had a great Saturday night.waffle desert We dined at a real cute little place called "potpourri" and thankfully it was not Asian cuisine as we had expected it to be. I really feasted on the "4 Mushroom Bordelaise" and by the end of it I thought my stomach would burst. But it was only 12 and we didn't want to return home so we continued our drive in search of a nightspot where we could spend sometime chatting. It was our lucky night and we discovered a great new outlet called "Le Chocolat - The Chocolate Lounge". The dessert list was awesome and the coffees looked tempting too but we had space only for little and so we ordered Chocolate Waffles with Butterscotch ice-cream. I am thinking maybe the next time I should go there empty stomach and have a chocolate enriched feast. It would be a killer!

Tomorrow is another lazy Sunday with nothing much planned. I am going to be alone with Dad so it's going to be a quiet day with not much to do. I hope to spend some time re-working the blog template, I think it's in a mess especially the right navigation bar.


Let's get the hell out of here

I better get out of here. These are days when I hate getting into work. I loved my work and loved being here with my colleagues. I believed we were a team...But somehow things didn't shape the way I had hoped and my career aspirations differed highly from what was set for the organization. But I guess this is how changes take place - sometimes softly and sometimes with harsh reality hitting you in the face. My next move is not confirmed till next week but I already have started signing out from this place. Now it's a matter of days before I dump my goodies in a carton and walk out.

Lunch time was fun - we got to feast on some fresh mangoes which a colleague got back from his farm. Woo! Can you imagine owning your farm and getting fresh mangoes delivered to the city. That would be so cool, but I guess I am not the type to live a village life - so I better have friends and colleagues who bring in farm fresh "stuff". As always the boss is out which leaves me with barely no work or updates to be done for today also. I finally did manage to make the PHP scripts work after the support desk asked me to change the e-mail address in the form. It was simple, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. I spent the better part of the day surfing online and following the blogrolls - I ended up seeing some of the most sex-powered blogs. I didn't know people would be talking so much about their sex lives and other allied things. Some of them were addictive and went into My Yahoo! Some were too sexy to be viewed at work so I saved them for later ;-)

With the weekend coming up it's going to be a great time, I hope I can get my camera out and capture some shots. I am pretty apprehensive when I go clicking because I don't know how people will react seeing me with a cam all the time - "Has he lost it?" "Does he lead a digital photo life only?"


What's in a title?

Why bother what I write up there - this is where the update is. Work has been slow, should be phasing out soon with not much new development I need to get pushing on the old business or then concentrate on the "big move" I have been thinking all this while. More on this soon. Spent time tweaking some PHP scripts on the CV website since they had a break down in the Contact Us section. But didn't seem to work - it was not my fault, the server had some issues. So I really haven't lost much of my programming knowledge. The problem isn't solved yet so I need to crack some ass first thing tomorrow morning when I get into work. Went for a real boring meeting later in the evening - we thought it would be for costing issues but it seems they had some major operational problems which made me a mere spectator while the suppliers cracked up each other's head. Yo!

My blog addiction is "high" with work "low" - I am reading posts in less than 12 hours since they come online - Very Bad for me. But hey is anybody reading this blog? And yes, Yuvi/Tushar if you are reading this god damn leave a comment at least.

P.S Flicker getting more photos. So if you are one of my contact, drop in and see what's happening.

Kaal hai ki kaali

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI very rarely go with other peoples opinion. I listen to it all - but the decision is most of the time - My. But for once tonight I decided to go ahead and watch "Kaal" thanks to a few suggestions. And of course not forgetting the gang dumped my movie recommendation. Where do we end up? In Orbit Park which looked more like the Jurassic Park re-created. I think they did a fine job in location hunting but the promotional noise made about the movie being all about man-eaters - CRAP! It's more about the "spirits, bhoot pret, aatma" etc. Too much is written and you can read detailed reviews everywhere. From me just one word: Avoidable. Of course movie time can't be complete without the ice-cream and today it was a Cornetto butterscotch - YUM! And before we left N passed around some left-over cheese corn balls and veg rolls - A midnight snack never hurt anyone did it?

It's been a relaxed day, I was back home before 6PM which gave me good rest and the time to fiddle with the Canon. I loved the slow/fast shutter speed effect - I always wondered what the hell was this all about. Ankit seems to be already sending out invites for his birthday celebrations. Dude, we shall be there - but are you going to serve us the "poison"?


Power tips from me to you

Mumbai has been going through a major power crunch. There is massive load-shedding and it is expected to have power cuts very often now. As a true citizen of the city I decided to put in some ideas on how we can save precious electricity. Here it is:
  1. Learn to sleep without the Air-conditioner. If you have to, set an alarm or Auto-off to shut it before dawn breaks. It will do good for your body too.
  2. Stop using the elevator. Take the stairs once a day. Thank me when you lose those pounds.
  3. Start wearing wrinkled clothes. Ironing takes up too much of power.
  4. Stop bathing in hot water. Do you have any idea how much power is consumed by a water heater. If you can't do without one, take a shower with your partner to maximize usage.
  5. Stop watching TV - read books instead. You can get as much drama, action and sex in books as you would want for your daily dose.
  6. Get romantic. Switch to candle-light dinners.
  7. Don't light your room like a photo studio - learn to control the lights. You can't look better with more lights - YOU are the way YOU are.
  8. Finally - Stop reading this dumb guide and switch off your PC. Save the power for something worthwhile.

And if you think of an idea to save electricity, leave a comment.


Life is...

sexually transmitted... sexually transmitted. Isn't it? And that's what my t-shirt shouted all of Saturday Night. After almost 5 weeks we friends went partying and it was good to sit with them all and dunk a few bottles of beer to bloat the belly. As always at the bang of 12 - the DJ belted some of the rocking "hindi" lounge music - I just love it! It was sad that we turned in early - I don't know what's wrong with Tushar? He didn't seem to be very up to it last night. Dude, are you all right?

The gang proposed a Sunday afternoon movie show and knowing me I had to refuse it - I hate it! Anything on a Sunday happens only after 6PM, till then I ONLY eat & sleep. And today is special - I am home alone so it's going to be a very relaxed and lazy SUNDAY. Zzzz....


My Canon's First Shot

Canon First Shot
Originally uploaded by kapsi.

It's arrived - Finally. And I couldn't wait to show you how I started off. Here is the first shot fresh off the oven. I know it needs to be worked upon but I think it's good for a start. Will have to spend the weekend trying to tweak the cam so it can give the best shot. I love it!

More soon...

Time to move on

You know it's time to move to a better pasture ...

... when you see only 2 e-mails for the day [Junk Folder].

... when you wait for the boss to call you so you know what's next.

... when you subscribe to 4-5 new blogs.

... when you are free to configure the flick*r and blogger accounts in office time.

... when you search the net for the resume samples and templates.

... when you set an alarm for 6:30PM - so you can leave without having to spend another free minute in the office.

Interesting Advertisement

Advertising has always fascinated me and I look at ads with great interest. Typically one flips channels or skips pages when you see an AD - I sometimes watch television only to catch the latest ads playing. Here is one ad which really make me look at it with eyes wide open! I think it says a lot without much copy.

If you yet didn't get it - it's for DHL courier services. What say?


flick*r testing

oh come on
Originally uploaded by kapsi.

Suddenly my work sucks and I don't have anything to do in office - I am bored and that lead me to configure my flick*r Pro account which I got thanks to Margaret. Here is my first photo from the flick*r photostream. I hope to build my digital collection as soon I get clicking. Are you on flick*r too - Add me as a contact and we can share content.

Yahoo goes 1GB

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My account finally moved to 1GB of storage space. Which means I can collect my photos and not bother doing a delete everytime I don't need it. I can just keep it there FOREVER! BTW, a fellow blogger is offering me a Pro account at Flick*r so this is going to be real fun. Keep reading.


Can't get any more boring

Boredom is seeping in slowly. Work isn't that exciting anymore, there are no new projects and the current ones all held-up at production stage. And since SK is also not in town things are never moving, all development is on-hold. Besides the lack of work also kind of makes me very sleepy. Today I am very tired, I haven't slept well since the last two days. Hopefully I will finish early today so I can hit the bed and recover some lost sleep. Last evenings late discussions with SB were useful and they have got me thinking again - Now I am waiting for Dad before I can decide what next? I spent most of the day reading blogs and sharing comments, but now I am bored of that too so decided to write in here - helps me do some loud thinking. People are creating blogs for just about everything under the sun - Dogs, wives, kids and even their shopping fetish. It's crazy.

N wants to buy a new mobile so I have been looking around to see what are the new models. Just then I happened to see that the much awaited Nokia 6230i is now out and available for a cool Rs.16,000 only! Tushar you missed it by a few weeks but I think Nokia 6230 was not a bad choice at all - you will agree. Camera prices seem to have dropped further and I am hoping to pick-up a good deal on my purchase. Gives me some spare cash for extras like a bigger memory card!


Monday Blues

I hate them - Monday mornings are very difficult for me to kick start. No matter how exciting or dull the weekend has been, it just doesn't get me triggered for the morning after. The weekend was family time - meeting my grand-parents (both sets). It was a slap in the face seeing them suffer with the old age catching up and problems creeping from every part of the body. Shocking - considering life will go through it all and you never know where we end up. Ouch!

Coming in late just doesn't get better and this time the HR Manager rocked me for my late-coming. Eeeks I better get off the bed earlier than it gets just TOO late. Work has been slow since the senior team is missing from office so I spent the day doing PR and cold-calls to clients. Work seems to be getting into a routine now with nothing big and exciting on the cards so far. I hate getting bored so soon at work, worries me all the time. What's next? Who knows? But need to do some serious thinking.

I am waiting for an all very important SMS - that the "camera" has been purchased. Till then my Moblog does the wonders!