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What's in a title?

Why bother what I write up there - this is where the update is. Work has been slow, should be phasing out soon with not much new development I need to get pushing on the old business or then concentrate on the "big move" I have been thinking all this while. More on this soon. Spent time tweaking some PHP scripts on the CV website since they had a break down in the Contact Us section. But didn't seem to work - it was not my fault, the server had some issues. So I really haven't lost much of my programming knowledge. The problem isn't solved yet so I need to crack some ass first thing tomorrow morning when I get into work. Went for a real boring meeting later in the evening - we thought it would be for costing issues but it seems they had some major operational problems which made me a mere spectator while the suppliers cracked up each other's head. Yo!

My blog addiction is "high" with work "low" - I am reading posts in less than 12 hours since they come online - Very Bad for me. But hey is anybody reading this blog? And yes, Yuvi/Tushar if you are reading this god damn leave a comment at least.

P.S Flicker getting more photos. So if you are one of my contact, drop in and see what's happening.

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