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Korner goes to Blogwise

Blogwise - blog directory The e-mail just popped in. Kapil's Korner is now listed at Blogwise. It's a massive directory of blogs listed under countries and other subjects. It's a great place to surf around if you have nothing else to do online.

Meanwhile I spent the day trying to tweak the template of my blog- I want:
  • More white space
  • Center Table should be spread to full page size
  • A few colors need to be changed.
  • Add some more content to the sidebar
But it's been more than a few years since I worked with HTML, CSS and the lot. So it's been a hair pulling exercise so far, but I am sure I will get the new look soon. If you think something needs to change around here drop me a line. I uninstalled Pluck because it was giving me trouble with the IE integration. I installed FeedDemon @ work and I am going to use the Trial Version till it lasts. But I think I am going to like the sync function with Bloglines, yet to try it.

Cut the cables

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy boss bought the much desired new Sony Vaio T16. I am yet to see it but will be a magnificient machine considering the specs and the sheer size of it makes you want to have it. Meanwhile we are thinking of Wi Fi enabling our work place. Now that we have an addition to our laptop family we find the investment worthy enough! And with the costs of routers and access points hitting rock-bottom, it should be a steal. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTalking about wireless internet, I think the Relaince R connect card is a good option for wire-free internet access. What's more it also let's you make and receive calls and SMSes.

My search for the RSS reader ended at Pluck. I set it up but it's going to be a while before I can tweak the thing to show me all my favourite blogs. Do you have a blog to share with me?

Tushar thanks for the photo suggestion, it looks neat i guess!


Movie time again

Third movie for the week. Yes, I ended up with good friends Tushar and Ash for "Million $ Baby" which really was not my type of movie but then it's fair to see some movie for their production values only. Last week's "Meet the Fockers" was a real riot indeed. Great fun with the gang. "Aviator" which dear Tushar made us run for was also not a bad pick but we could have avoided the late night show if there was any other show running.

But the highlight of the evening had to be Ash's new hair-cut. Yes there is nothing left of it @ all. Take a look doesn't he look shining. Single and ready to mingle? What say Ash! Panki bhai - All the best with your tests. And we all look forward to Mr. Gupta's delayed Birthday Bash on the next weekend.

I also start the countdown for a special birthday on the 1st of April.

Weblogs.Com: Recently Updated Weblogs

It's past 3AM and I am yet logged into Weblogs.Com: Recently Updated Weblogs The website is an enormous list of blogs. Some of them are crappy just by the glance and some made it to my favourites list. But I think I would like to get a RSS reader to organise all the blogs which have interested me. Yes, I spent the whole of Saturday reading what other's "blog" around. If you are using a RSS reader, let me have your comments.

I assure you the next few days will have good activity @ my blogs. So stay connected!


Kapilb.com - Fresh New with Live Updates!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOk, the weekend is giving me time to work on the new look planned for my website. It's now a good start page to all my blog activity. Drop in and you can pick the links.

Google gets hacked

Monopoly in any scenario is not good for the users. However when you think of Search Engines on the internet I doubt anyone can beat results generated by Google - a privately owned & developed search engine - Scary isn't it? What if Google tomorrow started to dominate and influence the search results with their sponsor messages or links? Think about it. Meanwhile let me show you some Google hacks I discovered last night. They are fun to try with your own choice of keywords. And I have more in my Inbox, so drop me a message if you like.

And if you think digging into Google gave you the kicks, check Oreilly for more in-depth stuff. You keep wondering that a search engine can do SO MUCH!


How do you get married?

Choose the right partner and get married - That's what they are all shouting about. Yeah you bet! Every possible name which means something to do with weddings should have it's own Web Address by now. So what's the big noise about matrimonial websites coming up all over? On that note my mother had an interesting point: This generation doesn't want to get married. Freedom, financial independence and options is what you people are always looking for. True isn't it? All these websites give you profiles (with photos) to look at and select your partner - Now that's what I call options.

The interesting part is of course how they sell their services. Read this for example: "Let your parents choose your life partner, you write the matrimonial ad." "Don't marry the wrong person, choose your partner at our website."

Yeah, as if they give you the profile with a warranty - Tried & Tested. "He is not a wife-basher. Helps around the house work." "She is beautiful and will keep your home beautiful too".

Seriously, what's with this rush? Do people not fall in love anymore? Are parents not able to select partners for children? Whatever happened to "dalals" who arranged matches across the cities Or even our good old Dadi and Nani who always had that special boy or girl selected for their children? And whatever happened to offline real world interaction?

Would you meet someone off the web with the intention to marry? Above all, would you get married to someone you met online? Share your thoughts.


How can you be lonely?

Connecting with friends of friends - social networking as they call it. hi5!, orkut et all.... But once you are offline, this aint helping anymore. Just then they come up with something even more interesting. Connecting with friends even when you are on the move. I think dodgeball is a very interesting service indeed.

Where do I differ? How does this make it different from Groups SMS which I use all the time. Would it not be easier to tell my friend list I am @ XYZ and why don't you drop in! Cost saving nah! it just can't be that - can it? But what makes it even more interesting is connecting with "friends of friends" just another way to get close to that girl you met at your friends party but didn't know how to ask her out. But if you buttered your friend you could just have her on your dodgeball crush list. WORKS ?

When does this come to India? I don't know! But first we need a city location database? And at the rate which these places come and go in Mumbai I am sure it's going to be a tough one. Look at Bandra. Every week a place opens and the next you know they changed it from a Lounge bar to a family restaurant. But I think the potential is immense and the idea kicking. Are we game? Let me know what do you think.


Sunday and you

If you ever read self-help books like I did once upon a time, you would know this. What you did on your day off from work (Sunday for most of us around here) goes a good way in shaping your life. So what do people do on Sundays?

- Do paper work they never did during the week
- Laze around and do nothing
- Spend some good time with family and friends
- Study
- Pursue a hobby

Okay, let's think about it? What do you do? Do you feel nice on a Monday morning when you had a great weekend - lots of partying, nice movie, a great dinner. Well, I do. Besides what I also observed is that if I did something constructive it kept my energy levels and morale high - which in turn helps me do a great week @ work, because I am all charged up to go out there and achieve something.

On the other hand, if I have spent the weekend watching almost 20 hours of TV, then I am in trouble. It's a lousy Monday morning (a complete energy drain over the weekend makes you so sick) lack of action @ work. And then you just look forward to another weekend? Why? Because you want to make it better than the lousy one you just had?

What are you doing this weekend? You know where to reach me, so let me hear from you.