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SnagIt Screen Capture, Edit & Share. Print Screen Power.

SnagIt Screen Capture, Edit & Share. Print Screen Power.

In my continuous effort to update you with really useful utilities, here is another great offering. If you need to capture screen shots, made re-marks on it etc. This is a great tool.

In simple words - It's a light-weight Adobe Photoshop without the frills. Simple and easy and to the point. Comments invited.


Google's IPO: Asking Too Much?

US$36 Billion valuation for the search giant? Shares to be traded at $108 per share. Read the complete story.


What do you think guys? Another dot.com bust which will happen late or will they live it up?


tips4me.com - datingmale

tips4me.com - datingmale

Do you want to learn the dating tips - here is a great site for newbies and even the experienced to add some more sparkle in their relationships. Comments invited - happy DATING ! ! !


ieSpell - Spell Checker add-on for Internet Explorer

ieSpell - Spell Checker add-on for Internet Explorer

Should be useful if you do a lot of web-based e-mail, form filling and other such stuff in places where you can't have a Spell-Check, but need it. Comments welcome on-line.

Messenger Plus! | Feature Tour

Messenger Plus! | Feature Tour

MSN must-have tool - Download today. Post comments online.


Tulleeho - Bar Reviews - Mumbai - Cafe Mondegar

Tulleeho - Bar Reviews - Mumbai - Cafe Mondegar

I think this is the place to be - Chilled out! Cool and very very relaxed. It's been a great place to visit with my gang of friends. I think we have had some good conversations and some great one-to-one. I thank my buddy Tushar for giving me some great company when we visit this place.


Sunil comes to India

Our dear friend Sunil is visitin Mumbai on 24th ...says his tickets are confirmed and he will arrive surely.

I thought we should welcome him like this:

The first thing we need to do when he lands his KICK his ASS for not keeping in touch for so long.... Agreed?

Then we can treat him to BEER @ Monde's for he is a jolly good fellow!

Share your thoughts?




I just got my new GMAIL account thanks to our friend Piyush, but I now think the Google Toolbar should have an option to link to GMAIL directly and even include an AUTO-update for new MAIL.

That would be really interesting. Have you guys tried it? Want an invite let me know.


That's my first post....welcome to my blog!