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Life is...

sexually transmitted... sexually transmitted. Isn't it? And that's what my t-shirt shouted all of Saturday Night. After almost 5 weeks we friends went partying and it was good to sit with them all and dunk a few bottles of beer to bloat the belly. As always at the bang of 12 - the DJ belted some of the rocking "hindi" lounge music - I just love it! It was sad that we turned in early - I don't know what's wrong with Tushar? He didn't seem to be very up to it last night. Dude, are you all right?

The gang proposed a Sunday afternoon movie show and knowing me I had to refuse it - I hate it! Anything on a Sunday happens only after 6PM, till then I ONLY eat & sleep. And today is special - I am home alone so it's going to be a very relaxed and lazy SUNDAY. Zzzz....

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