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This is probably the third major change over from my blog. It's been more than a year now and three changes are not that bad. I think the colors are real neat and after months of white I moved to black, finally. Of course my wish to move to Wordpress continues.

So what's new?
  • The over-all look & feel
  • The comment form has changed. If you notice a problem in posting comments, can you please drop me a line at kapilb [at] yahoo [.] com
Would love to hear what you think of this new template. And yes, a big thanks to the folks at Blogger Templates. They have been putting up some neat stuff indeed.

Update: The comment form is working fine and I have decided to stop using Haloscan for the comments.
Anonymous Kapil said...

I don't know if the comments are working.

09 October, 2005 19:00  
Anonymous Wes said...

I like the new design Kapil. Looks great. And apparenlty comments do work.

09 October, 2005 21:49  
Anonymous Krithika said...

Excellent design. It looks great. And if you can see this, comments work.

10 October, 2005 04:37  
Anonymous Nirav said...

Looks good!!

10 October, 2005 09:21  

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